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Vaccinations for the Under 1s

Vaccine Knowledge Project aims to be a source of independent information about vaccines and infectious diseases and has been judged to meet the World Health Organization's criteria for providing good quality information about vaccine safety issues.  

Visit the Vaccine Knowledge Project here.


Vaccinations for children over 1 year old, teenagers, adults, pregnant women and at risk groups of people 

If your child has possible side-effects, including fever after vaccinations, for 24 hour emergency advice  call 111. For non emergency advice go online at


Vaccinations for Monkeypox

The NHS has today launched a new online vaccine site finder to make it as easy as possible for eligible people to get their monkeypox vaccination.


Vaccinations given abroad

Immunisation schedules can vary between European countries and internationally. If you are unsure whether you/your child is fully protected according to the UK schedule please email a copy of your immunisation records to us for the attention of the practice nurse and book a follow up telephone appointment with the Practice Nurse allowing sufficient time for the records to be checked and recorded.

Vaccines which are not available/you are not eligible for on the NHS schedule, such as varicella (chickenpox) and hepatitis B, may be obtained locally at pharmacists offering vaccination services or travel clinics. There is a large availability of these in London. Please check with the individual provider for vaccine availability/costs


Measles outbreaks and MMR vaccination useful information