Sexual Health

How common?

Sexually transmitted (STIs)and associated infections are very common and around half a million individuals are diagnosed in the UK each year. Many more are affected but yet to be diagnosed. The most commonest STI is Chlamydia which is diagnosed in around 220,000 patients a year. It is thought that around 70% of females and 50% of males have no symptoms Even with no symptoms this can still adversely affect fertility. It is thought that in some areas that upto 10% of 18-25 years olds may be infected. For these reasons we recommend safe sex and getting yourself checked out if you have had any unprotected sex with a new partner or have multiple partners or any concerns.


What are the symptoms?

Penile or vaginal discharge, which may smell.  Abnormal bleeding ie during or after sex. Pain when urinating espicially in younger men, towards the end of urination or mild pain during urination. Painful sex, lumps, swellings/bumps and rashes in the groin area.


When to get checked or see someone?

If at you are worried. If you are worried about HIV then please go straight to an walk-in STI clinic (outlined below) as soon as possible ie same day or next day to get treated with preventative medication. If you have no symptoms and worried about Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea then please go to get checked 2-3 weeks after having unproctected sex. Please also consider the possibility of pregnancy and seek appropriate timely action. 


STI Services Available 

We do offer Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea self testing kits in our surgery toilets.

For those who have no symptoms and would like to get sent to their home or pick-up a free STI kit please go to the Sexual Health London website or the SH:24 website.

If you are symptomatic or to arrange for further other testing please do book an appointment. Our daily weekday surgery pick-up is around 10.30 am. Swabs can remain until the next day. Therefore, please try and avoid seeing us Friday after 1030am.

Please note that any blood testing arranged by the practice (ie HIV) is done either at University College Hospital London (walk-in) or Royal Free Hospital (via an appointment, please refer to blood taking services section for further details). 

Please also note that due to the delay transportation that tests such Trichomonas Vaginalis are better performed at an Sexual Health Clinic. 

You can book a free appointment at a Sexual Health Clinic which includes for HIV Services. Some of the clinics available are listed below. You can book via their websites directly.

Our most local Sexual Health Clinics are run by CNWL these include Mortimer Market Centre (including Margaret Pyke Centre) and Archway Sexual Health Centre.


Weekend and Walk-In Appointments at STI Clinics:

  • The 56 Dean Street Clinic (Soho) operate most weekdays until 7pm and on Saturday 11am till 4pm. They operate urgent walk-in assessment and emergency contraception service. Please Call the Service First on: 020 3315 5656
  • Burrell Street Clinic  (City, next to Blackfriars Station) operate 7 days a week including on Saturday 8am till 3pm and Sunday 9am till 4pm. They operate urgent walk-in service. Please Call the Service First on: 020 7188 6666

Other local STI Clinics:

St Mary's Hospital (Paddington) operate a clinic at the Jefferiss Wing. They have very limited walk-in appointments mainly for under 25 year old. Please refer to the link above for further details. Please Call the Service First

Most STI clinics also offer contraceptive services.