Palliative Care

Our local Community Palliative Care Nursing Teams provide excellent care for patients with terminal conditions and specialist palliative needs. Please speak to a GP if you would like to be referred.

There are also 3 local Hospices:

  • Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead
  • North London Hospice in Finchley
  • St John’s Hospice in St John’s Wood


Urgent Care Plan for London

UCP is a great NHS initiative providing an Electronic Urgent Care Plan which lists the patient’s wishes and care preferences and contains practical information (eg. who to contact in an emergency or where medication is kept)

This is then electronically shared with health and social care professionals who may be involved in care (eg. 111, Out-of-hours GPs, London Ambulance Service), so that patient wishes can be respected and followed with regards to urgent or end of life care.

To read more about this please visit the One London website and then speak to your GP