Private Fees

Private fees are payable for work not funded by the NHS. Examples of these include:

  • Travel vaccinations / malaria tablets
  • Private prescriptions (for medicines not available through the NHS)
  • Insurance claim forms
  • DVLA medicals (taxi driver / elderly / racing driver)
  • Fitness to attend university (mitigating circumstances)/ college / sporting event
  • Private sick certificates
  • Solicitors letters

private fees

To enquire about the current fees for private work please see the list below or ring reception. If you require an examination please ring reception to organise an appropriate appointment outside of clinic hours. Please note we can now accept the following forms of payment: cash, cheque or credit / debit card.

For any reports such as insurance reports/forms, medical/supporting/solictor letters please kindly email Your request will be reviewed and once pre-payment request has been received then your request will be processed within 10 working days. We accept the following  payment methods:  cash , bank transactions or cards. Please note that the card provider , Square, charges £ 1.00 fee  per transaction. 


As per Government guidelines, we are unable to provide letters showing you Covid-19 vaccination status.  You will be able to access your Covid-19 vaccination status through  the free NHS app from the 17 May. For further information, please go to Demonstrating your COVID-19 vaccination status when travelling abroad