Health Information Exchange

As part of the response to the COVID crisis, West Hampstead Medical Centre (and all other practices in North Central London) have been enrolled in the Health Information Exchange system.

This will enable to us to Use Digital Technology to improve Health and Care and Introduce joined-up health and care records. This means that the health and care professionals across Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington who are involved in your care can see your information and make quicker and safer decisions with you. 

We all use a wide range of health and care services in our lives, whether it’s a visit to our GP practice, a hospital appointment or receiving a visit from a social worker.

When this happens, each organisation keeps a record of the care we receive; in the past, these records were on paper, but now this is usually an electronic record held separately by each organisation.

The joined-up record will mean that your medical record at WHMC will be shared with these other local health and care professionals, helping them to make quicker and safer decisions about your care.

This joined up record is part of a wider drive by the NHS and social care services to use technology as a way of improving care and making better use of staff time and money.

To find out further information and  benefits of this scheme, you can access a  'Residents’ leaflet'  which is available in an accessible format as well as a range of different languages.

For more information about Opting out of the joined-up health and care record.

There is also a separate system called Healtheintent which has different uses that we have not currently joined pending discussion with our Patient Participation Group.

Please do refer to the FAQs section for more information including regarding how your information is safely accessed and stored and how to make a Subject Access Request

You can contact the data protection officer by post at the practice address, addressed for the attention of the Data Protection Officer. The Data Protection Officer service is provided across NCL practices by Mr Steve Durbin  (email:

Please note that due to the COVID-19 emergency and as authorised by the Control of Patient Information (COPI) notices, issued by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, opt-outs will not be implemented until after the COPI notices expire, which is currently 31st March 2021. We will process opt-outs as quickly as possible after this point.