Patient Specimens Information

The information on this page is intended to help guide you to ensure you are able to provide the suitable sample/specimen that will be accordingly processed .

All samples require 4 pieces of information to be processed:

  • Name, Date of birth, Gender and the Date of the sample.

Any samples without these above will be discarded and you will require to produce a new samples.

For infection control reasons will are unable to label samples for you.

Also any old samples ie more than 24 hours are also unlikely to be processed by the lab.

Please ensure you collect the correct specimen/samples.

Please ensure that the outside of the specimen containers are clean and dry. Any droplets/residue is likely to be interpreted by the lab as leakage/contamination in addition for infection control reasons will be be processed and will be discarded.

Our courier comes to collect our samples twice each day - Monday to Friday  at around 10.30am and 2.30pm. If you require your sample to be sent off the same day, please ensure that you drop it in prior to these times.

Samples dropped off that are dropped off without a form or others which have not been requested by a clinician, or for urine samples ones which do not have attached completed information sheet outlining the reason for the sample will also be discarded.


Specimen Sample Chart and Patient Information