Opening Hours


Reception Times

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday 08.20 - 13.00  14.00 - 18.30   (1-2pm Practice Doors Closed except for Pre-booked appointments)
Tuesday 08.20 onwards till 18.30
Wednesday 08.20 - 12.00  14.00 - 18.30 (12-2pm Practice Doors Closed except for Pre-booked appointments)
Thursday 08.20 onwards till 18.30
Friday 08.20 - 13.00 14.00 - 18.30 (1-2pm Practice Doors Closed except for Pre-booked appointments)

Extended access appointments

Please note that practice offer extended access appointments  from 7:00 ( Mon and  Thu)  and until 19:30 (Wed and Thu). These are pre-booked appointments only .  For Reception queries,  please contact the practice during the Reception opening  hours. 

Additional Information

If you have an appointment in the morning before the reception opens or in  evening after reception closes or in the morning before reception opens please ring on the intercom system to the right of the automatic doors.


Extended Access Appointments ( CAMDEN GP Hub)

Evening and weekend appointments with local GPs including some of our staff are available by contacting Camden GP HUB

Appointments can be booked by calling the GP Hub team directly 020 7391 9979, or you can call the surgery during opening times.

You will need to give consent to have medical records shared, this will allow the doctor you are going to see the information on our system so they can better help you.

If you do need to cancel an appointment please call us or 020 7391 9979 to cancel it.