General Stool / Faecal (any non QFit) Test

How should I collect a poo (stool/faeces) sample?

  • Collect your poo (faeces) sample in a completely clean (sterile)  blue screw top sample container which you will need to collect from your GP practice
  • Place something in the toilet to catch the poo, such as a potty or an empty plastic food container, or spread clean newspaper or plastic wrap over the rim of the toilet.
  • Make sure the poo doesn't touch the inside of the toilet.
  • Use the spoon or spatula that comes with the container to collect the poo, then screw the lid shut.
  • Aim to fill around a third of it – that's about the size of a walnut if you're using your own container
  • Put anything you used to collect the poo in a plastic bag, tie it up and put it the bin
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm running water

Other considerations:

Your sample of poo must be fresh – if it is not, the bacteria in it can multiply. This means the levels of bacteria in the stool sample won't be the same as the levels of bacteria in your digestive system. If the levels of bacteria don't match, the test results may not be accurate. 

  • Make sure you label the container with your name, gender, date of birth and date of the sample otherwise it will be discarded
  • Place the container in the plastic bag provided along with the test request form
  • Your sample should be handed in straight away ie on the same day or next day if done in the evening bearing in mind our pick up for samples is around 1030am.
  • Old samples ie more than 24 hours will be discarded by the lab.
  • If the sample is not labelled with the date the lab may also discard the sample