How should I collect and store Respiratory & sputum sample?

  • Collect your sputum sample in the silver or white capped sterile plastic container which you will need to collect from your GP practice. 
  • A sample collected early morning is preferred.
  • Remember, we want to sample material that is from deep within your lungs NOT just salivary spit from the mouth!
  • Firstly, rinse your mouth out with some tap water to remove any food debris etc.
  • Breathe deeply, cough and spit what is coughed up into the pot. Alternatively, keep the pot at your side and when you have a bout of coughing, spit out into the pot. 
  • You should aim to cover the bottom of the pot with your sample. 
  • Secure the top of the container tightly and then wash your hands.
  • Make sure you label the container with your name, gender, date of birth and date of sample otherwise it will be discarded.
  • Place the container in the plastic bag provided along with the test request form.
  • Your sample should be handed in straight away.