eConsult is only suitable for problems which are:


As it can a couple of working days to hear back for clinical and a bit longer for admin related issues. If issue is an emergency please call 111/999.

Straightforward ie Non-Complex

As this is a form based non-dynamic platform mainly one way platform

Very Clear and Detailed

To try and be able to effectively help you please provide as much information as possible including any treatment(s) already used and the duration of use as well as any response including temporary.

Accompanied by Clear Images

Please ensure you attach images for any skin lesions including rashes, nail issues, hair issues, acne, lumps, swellings etc where appropriate and where not appropriate please call to book an appointment with a clinician.

With no images for skin lesions there is a high likelihood we will ask you to book an appointment or resubmit the econsult with a clear image.

Single Issues per submission

Please Only Submit One Problem/Issue per eConsult. The econsult tool is developed to support obtaining information for one issue at a time and we do require as much information as we can to help you best.

Not for booking an Appointment to Discuss or See a Clinician.

If you wish to see or speak to a clinician ie Pharmacist, Doctor, Nurse or Physician associate Please kindly call the practice via the phone and book accordingly rather than submit an econsult. This includes for any discussions regarding results. We can only inform you briefly of a result but if you wish to have a two way conversation/discussion than please do book an appointment accordingly.  

If your contact or general details on our system (including mobile and email) are different to what you provide then we will not able to provide we will not be able to respond via these channels or provide you with any confidential information (ie results) until the discrepencies are corrected.  We have a duty to protect your information. Please ensure your details are always up to date.


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