URGENT Temporary COVID Changes

In light of:

  • The with the massive surge of COVID cases locally (both delta and omicron)
  • The declaration of  a major incident in London 
  • The poor uptake locally of booster vaccinations
  • The poor PCR uptake for those symptomatic
  • The reduced staffing capacity due to the period, pandemic and pandemic response  

We have temporarily paused direct online bookings for face to face appointments and will be pausing econsults. We will continue to significantly support the pandemic response including booster campaign and continue all urgent and nursing services.

As legally required and to protect yourself and others we strongly plead to all potentially COVID-19 symptomatic patients to perform PCRs testing (not just lateral flow tests) and also ensure they wear proper face masks regardless for any face to face appointments.

Due to the high infectivity of the new variant and lack of ventilated isolation room capacity we kindly ask/remind all potentially COVID-19 patients to wait outside after check-in (arriving) to avoid the spread of infection to other potentially highly vulnerable patients in the waiting area.

Published: Dec 19, 2021