Part of Paediatric Pilot & awarded highest Referrer in region

West Hampstead Medical Centre has again ranked as the highest utiliser practice in both total numbers referred and as a ratio/rate (per 1000) for this innovative service.

This achievement has come at significant expense both in terms of training and appointments used, but we believe passionately in trying to offer the best and swiftest advice and care that can be offered in primary care.

In acknowledgment, the North Central London Integrated Care system has asked us to share our model in a variety of meetings.

Similarly, West Hampstead Medical Centre is part of the pilot for Paediatric Teledermatology.

The Teledermatology pathway is administered by our Physician Associates. They have undergone the specialist training to take the specialised images required using a dermatoscope that takes detailed pictures of the concerning lesion. These images are then sent with a specific referral and with a detailed history to the Dermatology Department at The Royal Free Hospital, University College Hospital or the Whittington Hospital and are reviewed by a consultant dermatologist who either advises us further or arranges an appointment for further assessment at the hospital. They also send the patient a copy of their assessment.

It can take a few weeks to hear back so this is not suitable for those who are physically very unwell or have a more urgent condition but does allow for a much quicker response than a traditional referral. They do not accept referrals from intimate areas such as the genitalia.

If you have a skin condition that is not responding to normal treatments or that you are concerned about, do book to see our Physician Associates who can assess you further, then if appropriate either refer you via the Teledermatology route or manage you within our service  with the additional support of an experienced GP.

Published: May 24, 2023