Newsletter April 2021

Tushar Shah – Practice Manager

Welcome to West Hampstead Medical Centre’s first Newsletter which we hope that you will find both informative and useful. It is prepared and produced by the Doctors and Staff at WHMC, with input from members of our Patient Participation Group (PPG).

It is intended that a WHMC Newsletter will be published three or four times a year.

Please do let us have any comments and suggestions via email or to me by mail.


COVID 19 Vaccination Data as at 6th April 2021

Age Group Total Patients First Vaccincations Given %
80+ 266 243 91
75-79 263 228 87
70-74 750 593 29
65-69 354 282 80
60-64 298 206 69
16-64 1168 7534 64

At the outset the Pfizer vaccine was administered but Astra Zeneca (Oxford) is now also administered from the surgery. The vaccines programme is continuous and the data displayed only relates to the first dose and not to second doses nor to those who declined. Fewer than 0.5% of the practice registered patients have declined - approximately 55 patients in total across all the age groups.


eConsult report for month of March 2021


Total Visits


Unique Visitors


Self Help Visits


Pharmacy Self-Help Visits


111 Visits


eConsult Submitted


eConsult Diverted


Attempts to Save Appointment


Estimated Appointments Saved


Our doors have been open throughout COVID 19 pandemic since 23rd March 2020. We invited patients for a face 2 face appointment if the doctor found it necessary or urgent. All other appointments were telephone calls or eConsult (personal electronic consultations). Patients commented that the telephone calls gave a speedy access to their GP and 9 patients during the month reported upon above gave positive feedback about using the eConsult service at WHMC. For further information about this new service please refer to our website.Doctor’s Update Dear Patients and Carer


Doctor’s Update

Dear Patients and Carers,

Firstly, we want to thank you for your great support during this pandemic.

We are very hopeful that we are on the road to recovery thanks to the substantial patience and adaptability you have all shown and to the vaccination programme.

Demand upon us has increased significantly in the past few weeks. We are doing our best to meet this unprecedented demand whilst simultaneously delivering more vaccines both first and second doses. We welcome the reopening of the Paediatric A&Es in our local hospitals as a critical first step to re-enabling services.

We have one of the highest local uptakes of vaccinations. We were the first satellite hub to deliver vaccines out of a practice for its patients locally, and in North Central London, and we continue to do so. As NHS Practices are generally getting busier many are turning off their eConsult outside of normal working days and hours. We are doing our best to continue to offer access to this service 24/7.

You may have also noticed our new WHMC website that we have recently developed. We hope you have noticed the improvements and are finding it easy to use. Please do feed back via the PPG any recommendations you may have to improve this website.

Dr Birgit Curtis has taken over as the new Primary Care Network Local Director from myself after the end of my tenure.

We continue to expand our team and have recently welcomed Dr Sophia Khan, bringing the number of Doctors, including trainees, at WHMC to 14, with Breshna Miakheyl as our new and third Physician Associate, and Khadeejah and Rebecca joining our Admin team.

Dr Ehsan Alkizwini


Primary Care Network

A new GP contract was agreed between NHS England and the British Medical Association (BMA) in January 2019 where one of the goals was to develop Primary Care Networks (PCN). A PCN comprises a Group of GP practices that work more closely together with other community care organisations so that collectively Integrated Care is provided. More news of our developing PCN in the next issue.

Patient Participation Group

Message from David Richards - Chair PPG Steering Group

The WHMC has an active Patient Participation Group (PPG) that seeks to ensure that changing policies and practices continue to meet patient needs. Please check us out - our composition, role and what we have been doing - on the surgery’s website. In particular, I hope you will note the reference to our online patient participation arrangements that we are trying to get off the ground. If we are successful with that, this newsletter will have been able to chalk up a major first success. Meanwhile, I look forward to the post Covid lockdown time when it will again be possible to invite patients to a really participative Open Meeting at the surgery.

Published: May 18, 2021