Patient Group Meeting Minutes

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PPG Minutes - Tuesday 2nd May 2023 at 5:30pm to 7pm

Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to New Members – (RB) welcome to Liz (LH) and Jane (JS)

  • Chair: Renee Bernstein (PPG Member)

PPG Members Present:

  • Charles Boucher (CB)
  • Tove Steedman (TS)    
  • Neil Fletcher (NF)
  • David Lavis (DL)
  • Jane Shaw (JS)
  • Elisabeth Horridge (LH)

Surgery Staff Present:

  • Dr Ehsan Alkizini (EA)
  • Dr Ben Bromilow, (BB) – GP Partners
  • Tracy Martin (TM) Reception Manager

Apologies from PPG members: 

  • Jill Ackroyd (JA)    
  • Leon Douglas (LD)
  • David Richards (DR)

Items for Discussion

Update on Last Meeting Minutes and Actions raised from last PPG meeting on 21/02/2023

Website updated (contact button) now clearer and easier for patients to use 

Further suggestions on improvements welcome

(A) CB + KM to look at website, app area and feedback as well

Reception Manager (recent reception training and development project, appointment triage) (TM) 

As per slides ie PCN different models with triage, 

(A) Share key learnings ie from quarterly whole team meetings

Surgery, PCN & Neighbourhoods (Partners)

(Any changes to practice services ie: core contract, DES, LCS, catchment area) 

Discussed detailed catchment area proposal, PPSG support. (Actions as per below)

  • Invite council to next PPG meeting (to have slot on the agenda) to discuss their support
  • Letter from PPGSG (BB to initially share some suggestions)

PPG Membership / Non-attendees update – (LD / KM) 

AJ has responded to recent communication and has confirmed her resignation. DA has not yet responded, but in line with details in letter, if no contact by end of month will assume to have left.

JW is currently unwell and not able to commit or participate at present. 

(A) KM to give further update at next meeting.

Utilisation of DNA Data – (RB) 

Discuss the possibility of project with group of PPG members to look at data and different strategies of how we could improve this. New letter template from PPG.

Agreed to put on back burner, perhaps consider adding a statement in the warning letters from the PPGSG & consider more if required in the future as number lower than average and practice already doing a lot. (A). Postpone for now.

Reception Area - Update from ‘walk around’ in April (RB)

PPG Presence in the Surgery waiting Room (Additional help to signpost patients and promote services)

New Leaflets and Information have been added to ‘Keep Active Boards’ in Reception. 

These are being reviewed and updated each month. 

(A) RB to continue to work with VT on this.

Promotion of Practice Services, Physicians Associate, Pharmacist Roles (Group)

Expanding on their roles and effective ways to promote new ways of working

(A). KM to print information regarding the Physicians Associates and Pharmacists to display and also to handout in reception. KM/BB to look at displaying more information on digital waiting screens. KM to obtain access to EGTON.

Sit Rep / Newsletter (CB & BB)

BB to send initial thoughts. Think about ways to publicise. Consider Newsletter for now and tag on to sit-rep in future. Include complaint themes

(A). KM, LH, BB, RB and CB to work on this.  

Moving Forwards – Open PPG Meeting / PCN PPG Meeting

Sub group - JS, KM, BB, CB (chair) 

(A) To work on the agenda as sub-group, consider ways to publicise inc newsletter, inc complaints


CB, mentioned his thanks to KM for the newsletters/posters displayed on the keep fit boards

Future dates need to be decided for PPG meetings, post February 2024.

Proposed Future Meeting Dates

  • Tuesday 1st August 2023 – RB to chair (A) KM to meet with RB to discuss agenda) 
  • Tuesday 7th November 2023 – JA to chair 
  • Date TBC – February 2024 – JA to chair