e-Referral Service

The NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) combines electronic booking with a choice of place, date and time for first hospital or clinic appointments. Patients can choose their initial hospital or clinic appointment. Routine and Urgent appointments will be booked by the Referral Support Service. Fast track Cancer referrals are generally booked by the practice.




Most medical problems are managed in GP surgeries.  Some services allow you to refer yourself such as physiotherapy, psychotherapy and Social Prescribing as well as Social services (see our link for self referrals). Conditions that need to be treated in a hospital setting will be referred on via e-referral to the Referral Support Service who assess referrals for suitability. Occasionally a referral is rejected and an alternative pathway is suggested. 



e-Referrals (formerly Choose and Book)

When you and your GP agree that you need an appointment with a specialist, the GP will write a referral and send this to the Referral Support Service (RSS) . They will contact you to book your first hospital or clinic appointment using e-Referrals (formerly known as "Choose and Book"). e-Referrals is a service that lets you choose your hospital or clinic. You will also be able to choose the date and time of your first appointment.

The GP or Referral Support Service will give you a choice of hospital or clinic. You may already know which hospital you would like to be referred to. If you are not sure, there is useful information on the NHS Wesbite which may help you decide. They will enter your details onto the e-Referrals system and they will make the referral.

When the RSS has completed your referral they will advise you of a unique booking reference and password.

Sometimes there are no available appointments shown on the e-RS system, in this case a clinic will be requested by the RSS and the hospital will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

Please note that some clinics and hospital departments are not yet on the e-Referrals system. Your GP or the RSS will know which clinics these are and will send a letter to them directly. The clinic or hospital will then write to you with an appointment date and time.